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Coroner's Mistake

A young woman was found dead in her California apartment. There were traces of a powerful, deadly neurotoxin in her blood and an empty bottle of the poison was found on the bedside table beside her bed. She was found sprawled across her bed, nearby the bottle of poison. Beside her bed were a fully packed suitcase and plane ticket for a flight later in the day she died. The coroner ruled the death suicide, but one detective pointed out how this death had to have been murder. From what did he draw this conclusion?
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  • MonkeyMaster (on 5/10/15)
    On the other hand, she might have taken the wrong bottle by accident, or maybe some wicked person tricked her and told her it was an energy drink. Evil is among us.
  • MonkeyMaster (on 5/10/15)
    Bipolar (manic-depressive) people can be very erratic, planning a fun trip one minute, suicidal the next minute.
  • darklight (on 28/6/15)
    That's like saying no one with any future plans ever could commit suicide. Much more likely than a murder with no evidence or signs of struggle in the woman's own home. Did the killer force those pills down her throat?
  • darklight (on 28/6/15)
    Unless she was ready to go on a trip with the love of her life, but found him with another woman when she went to go surprise him with breakfast and offer to help packing. Then, in her grief, got a bottle of pills and ended it.

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