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Don? Don!

Alex Parsley was wondering where his co-worker, Don Silverman, was. He has not missed work like ever, and he was getting worried. He should have come in 2 hours ago, like Alex did. He decided to call him on his cell. The call rang a few times, but then went straight to voicemail. Alex was getting stressed and worried. He decided to call the house number on file for him. A little boy whispered "Hello, who is dis?" In that little boy voice. He remember the boy from the workplace picnic. The boy's name, he thought, was Josh. "Josh, Josh!" was heard in the background. The voice sounded like Don's wife, Tanya. Alex asked the little boy if he could speak to his father. He said," No he is busy wight now" in such a whispery voice Alex had to turn up the volume on the phone. Alex asked then about where his mom was. "With daddy talking to the police and firemen" Josh said in the whispering voice. "What! Was there a fire at your house!?!?", Alex yelled, which aroused his other co-workers, looking up to make sure he did not start one himself. "No there wasn't a fire" He whispered. He soon hung up.

Why wasn't Don at work?
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