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Mrs. Wanda Weldon (formerly Mrs. Shelton) was murdered last night in her 12th grade classroom at Lyndon High. There are five suspects, each with their own motive.

Mr. Dale Shelton: Ex wife of Wanda. Chose Wanda to marry over her friend, Delilah. Divorced after discovering Wanda was cheating on him. He still holds a grudge and is prone to drunkedness. Works at a construction yard.

Quentin Shelton-Weldon: 11th grade son of Wanda and Dale. Was really close to his father, but not his mother. However, he was placed under custody of his mother after divorce. Really mad. Works at McDonalds for extra money.

William Pasternak: Student of Wanda and is currently failing her class. If he fails this class, he will have to retake senior class. Works at McDonalds because his parents think he will not amount to much anyway.

Delilah McMurdo: Childhood friend of Mrs. Weldon until they fought over Dale. Ended the relationship after Dale chose Wanda. Also holds a grudge on Wanda. Works at Henderson Middle School, where both she and Wanda went as children.

Phil Philbin: Janitor of Lyndon High. Was classmates with Wanda since youth, but now is envious of her rank above his. Is trained as a high school teacher, but with no openings, he settled for a janitorial job.

All five people were interviewed.
Here is what they said

Dale: I was at the bar drinking with friends. I do not remember much after that...

Quentin: I was working the night shift. It was just me and Cynthia working.

Delilah: I was at that fancy diner. Then I went to the bar. Dale was there but I didn't say anything.

William: Working. There was like seven people working like Quentin, Cynthia, Robbie... the whole lot.

Phil: Cleaning the school. On that night I heard a scream and came running. When I got to the room, there was knife in the back of Wanda's back

Who did it?

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