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What kind of clown is a gardening tool with a frilly accessory attached?
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I keep flying higher
To never look back
Doors opening, closing
Years up in a stack

I stop for a moment
Celebrating my years
The years since creation
With cake, gifts and cheers
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Snape, Snape,
Severus Snape
A fabric body
A black felt cape

Dumbledore's here
And Ron Weasely too
They're saying their names
From out of the blue

Hermione, Harry
They sing all along
Their merry old, merry old
Hogwarts song

The source of the ticking
A pipe bomb is found
After it explodes
Only Voldemort's around
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You walk outside and throw a glass ball thirty feet up in the air. It does not break. How is this possible?
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If anyone knows this
I swear I will scream
This game is amazing
It must be a dream

I've played since age seven
I'm almost fourteen
It might be for children
But don't make a scene

From island to island
In one massive world
Solve quests and help people
To earn medals of gold

Shark tooth, early,
Mythology, ghosts
It's the internet game
That I love the most
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I am trying to revive a friend
I am in class and everyone must get him/her
He is dying but still alive in a different form
We all want him/her back

What am I?
I own a suit
But not of fabric
I have a twin
But not a sibling
I am very uplifting
But never emotionally
I can be found at a bar
But never as a customer

What am I?

Black and yellow buzzing
The alphabet's fifteenth letter
She is, but we ___
A time without Tim
Five back from I
Realization sinks in
Smack in the middle, but close to the start
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Ok so I was thinking about developing an app similar to this but more modern and updated so we could get more users and more activity. The loyal veterans to this app would certainly become moderators. We would add new features, a more navigatable environment, and a submission process so spam doesn't get posted. My dad works with computers, and I know some basic code, so maybe this can be possible. Let me know if you guys thinks this is a good idea.
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I'm gasping for life
And fighting for death
Living for the moment
'till my final breath

One little Indian
Left all alone
So he went and hanged himself
And then there were none
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