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444 riddles

Use reasoning to find out how the situation of outcome was possible.

On the side of a mountain lies a cabin that is totally destroyed. Everyone in the cabin is dead. There is fire, and random explosions echoing through the mountain tops. How did the people die?
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There is a man stuck in a room with 2 doors. In those two doors are the following:

In the 1st, a sun that will toast anyone that enters.

In the 2nd, a fire breathing dragon that smites anyone in the room.

How does the man escape?
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Jasmine's birthday is on February 9th, one year it landed on a Monday. The year after it's on a Wednesday. How is this possible?
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How can you stand behind your friend while he/she stands behind you?
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If you put a TV outside and your favorite channel doesn't work, how do you make it work?
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Brothers and sisters have I none but that man's father is my father's son. Who is that man.
A man drives a car off a cliff, the car explodes, and yet, the man is still uninjured.

How is this possible?
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An egg fell four feet and yet it was not broken.
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I am in two bands with one guitar player & two bands with another guitar player, but am in only three bands. How is that?
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A man lives on the 15th floor in an apartment. Every day he goes to work, then comes back at night and hops in the elevator to get to his room.

However if he is on his own he presses the button for the 15th floor then takes the stairs the rest of the way.

Although if someone else is with him he goes to the 25th floor.

Why does he do this?
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