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444 riddles

Use reasoning to find out how the situation of outcome was possible.

A guy and a girl are going shopping. The guy goes into the store while the girl stays in the truck. The guy comes out of the store and finds a truck rolling down a hill. He runs after the truck. When he reaches it he sees the girl inside the truck, but he knows it's not his truck. How can this be?
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A king was imprisoned for being a corrupt ruler. In the dungeon he endured some very hot tests. Running through flames, and tightrope walking over pits of fire.

After his trials the king was released. When he returned, not a single strand was singed nor burned.

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A deaf man walks into a store, wanting to buy a toothbrush. By imitating the action of brushing his teeth, he gets one of the employees to help him find a toothbrush.

Next, a blind man walks into the store to buy a pair of sunglasses. How does he indicate what he wants?
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One man gets killed, finds out who did it, and then gets revenge on the killer. How is this possible?
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A man was born before his father, killed his mother and married his sister, yet is considered completely normal to society.

How is this so?
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A man was murdered one cold, Friday. He lived with his son and wife in a circle house.

During the investigations the son, wife and maid were suspected. They each made the following statements:

The maid said she was cleaning every corner of the house.

The son said he was getting the mail.

The wife was out shopping.

Who killed the man?
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There is a 4 way intersection. 4 cars come up at the same time, all on different sides. They don't know who should go first so they all go at once, yet there are no accidents. How is this possible?
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A man was playing a game 4 miles away from his house. After 5 minutes, he ran home in 13 seconds. He doesn't have super powers,and the game doesn't require moving closer to his house.

How is this possible?
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I ate an egg, but I didn't break its shell. How did I do this? Note: I didn't eat the shell.
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I start at the finish and finish on the start. How?
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