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Who Am I

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Riddles that test your knowledge of known people or characters.

I smile but there's tears. I laugh but I cry. Everything is wrong with me, but I'm as perfect as can be. I hate you. I love you. I do everything but nothing for you. I'm alive, but inside I'm dead. I keep trying even though I have given up.
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Green and mean
Not tall or lean
Christmas is not my thing
Hearts too small
I just hate it all
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Hi guys! I'm lolzpplxd as you know from my username. You guys haven't heard of me before, but I am certainly not new. I was on here since two years ago with kitteN, Roadkillcm88, Brisingr, TehNaziCarrot911 (I believe that that account was under a different username back then), Trickster78, plantvszombiesfreak, and many others, back in a time when there were either dumb riddles or stunning poems. I wasn't the most well known of them all, but you can see that my followers consist of the riddlers from two years ago. There was a lot of depression before and threats to suicide or leave from our favourite riddlers. I started to get loaded with tasks and soon became non existent in this world.
I signed on this week and was a little disappointed by the lack of the old riddlers and actually kind of missed them. However, new users, I hope you accept me into the new Riddle Me This world.
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You're under your covers, curling up in fear
Repeating over and over in your head, "He's here."
You stare at me, I come near
As you scream, I cackle and jeer
Your parents barge in and I disappear
Your parents console you as you peer
At the corner where I was, was I real?
No, your parents say, and your dad kneels

After comforting words you go back to sleep
Yet you still lie there, thoughts of me you weep
You'll forever be haunted by my soulless eyes
And the gnawing question: who was I?
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I watch over the galaxy
And stop evil with my might
I am but a human
Taken from his home in the night
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These men fight against hell
For they are the hunters
But they do it together
Because they are brothers
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This isn't a riddle but I wanted you know that I have had this app for 4 years and I have read the apps but never posted. I just wanted you to know that I'm hear!
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I can rewind time but only to a certain extent. My best friend lost her best friend. My other friend likes me but to me he's just a friend. This other guy is a drug dealer and was thought to be a murderer. But it turns out it was the teacher all along.

Who am I?
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Why do sea gulls fly over the sea?
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