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491 riddles

Let's just say, you will chuckle and hate us at the same time.

Peat and Repeat were in a boat. Peat fell out. How many people are left on the boat?
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What kind of room doesn't have physical walls?
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Mary's mom has four children. Their names are north, south, east. What's the fourth child's name?
How do u get a blonde to drown?
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What do you get when you combine a fly, a car, and a pet?
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There are 3 men in suits, each suit has 5 buttons. How many buttons are there in all?
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If H2O is inside a fire hydrant, what is outside it?
My first is 3 letters, "the" mixed around, to make a different, new kind of sound.

My second is a word often used to describe something that has an amazing vibe.

My third is a number, that part is true. It comes right after zero and right before two.

Who am I?
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If the early bird gets the worm, why does the second mouse get the cheese?
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What do they call telephone poles in England?
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