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144 riddles

Riddles for children, meant for children so don't think too hard.

A blue house has blue paint, a yellow house has yellow paint, and a pink house pink paint. What color paint does a green house have? (Hey, I'm an old member back when this was first made. What's changed in the past few months?)
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We are full of fun
We are tons and tons
We are just as one
For one and one all
We are___
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What English word has three consecutive double letters?
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What's hairy/furry, old, ripped, and some ppl still have it in their teen years? (But everyone loves it when there are little.)
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What did the two ducks have for a snack??
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The little child found his big brothers gun. He goes to his brother and shoots him in the head, but he doesn't die.
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Why was the strawberry upset
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I have 3 kids.and a husband. A cat. A dog. A lizard. A mom. A dad. A friend. A aunt. A boyfriend. A fish. A car. A house. A microwave. A couch. A TV. A bed. What's wrong with me?
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I'm used more than bikes soccer balls and stairs. I make u fat. I rot ur crs I eat ur sense. What am I?
What is Hannah Moo-tana's hit song?
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