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Latest Riddles

Holed up for winter
To stay nice and warm
Conserving their heat
In a little dirt home

Emerging in springtime
The flowers abloom
Sleeping to get through
A winter of gloom
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Again I'm back and gonna say
It's time for something but don't go away
We used to enjoy them all the time
But now she's gone too like a 1930 dime
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Once again I say
This will no longer be a ghost town
There is one way
To see what we've found

It's been a while
Since we've all been together
It's like walking for miles
It goes on forever

We all want the same things
To have some riddles
So stop waiting and become the kings
We all are disappointed waiting in widdles

We all are complaning
About the inactive users
But none of us are submitting
Maybe we're the losers
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I lurk in the shadows
Look on in despair
An empire collapsing
From bounty to bare

No point in submitting
Who reads anyway?
There's no point in hoping
Noobs will save the day
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Empty but still good
To some people it's still fun
We've lost a lot of people
But that can be undone
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These men fight against hell
For they are the hunters
But they do it together
Because they are brothers
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It taunts you, this ghost
No one has it
No one really owns it
Yet everyone uses it
It's precious
Some say it's money
It's not even a physical thing
It is what makes up all the space around us
Outer space, too
Past, present, and future
Everyone runs out of it eventually
Searching the stars
To protect everyone
And their project of space
Is never done
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I watch over the galaxy
And stop evil with my might
I am but a human
Taken from his home in the night
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After stumbling over a log, I'm faced with the final problem. Suddenly, hit by several different powers, I sit stumped.

What am I doing?
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