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Latest Riddles

Why can't Kevin Laroche, who is now living in Canada, not be buried in the USA?
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You are standing in front of a room with one light bulb inside of it. You cannot see if it is on or off. Outside the room there are 3 switches in the off positions. You may turn the switches any way you want to. You stop turning the switches, enter the room and know which switch controls the light bulb. How?
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Some cogs are tigs.
All tigs are bons.
Some bons are pabs.
Some pabs are tigs.

Therefore, cogs are definitely pabs. - True or False?
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Finished files are the result of years of scientific study combined with the experience of years.

How many F's are in the previous sentence?
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Mr. Grumper grumbles about bad time-keeping trains like everybody else. On one particular morning he was justified, though. The train left on time for the one hour journey and it arrived 5 minutes late. However, Mr. Grumper's watch showed it to be 3 minutes early, so he adjusted his watch by putting it forward 3 minutes. His watch kept time during the day, and on the return journey in the evening the train started on time, according to his watch, and arrived on time, according to the station clock. If the train traveled 25 percent faster on the return journey than it did on the morning journey, was the station clock fast or slow, and by how much?
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This thing devours all things: Birds, beasts, trees, flowers; Gnaws iron, bites steel; Grinds hard stones to meal; Slays king, ruins town, And beats high mountains down. What am I?
Alive without breath. As cold as death. Never thirsty, Ever drinking. Clad in mail, Never clinking. Drowns on dry land. Thinks an island, Is a mountain. Thinks a fountain, Is a puff of air. What am I?
What country is hidden in the paragraph below? As defendants, we deny all involvement in the unscrupulous dealings which have come to light in the recent government investigation.
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Jenna wrote all the numbers from 300 to 400 on a piece of paper. How many times did she write the digit 3?
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If you have two quarters on a table touching each other, how can you move one of the quarters without touching it? You are only allowed to touch one quarter but not move it. You can't touch the quarter that you move.
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