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Latest Riddles

I am the only thing that places today before yesterday
What am I?
In the past I had feathers,
only working with a black liquid.
I would create elegant letters
in cursive, as everyone insisted.
Now I am made of plastic
metal, and even brass.
Mostly, my shape is now cylindric,
and the color of many a class.

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I can get ahead of myself
But sometimes I fall behind
It happens twice a year
And the days start to go blind
People get colder and
It all is dark but it once shined
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A fight broke out between a John and his clone, who won?
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~~I light up the night~~
~in many places~
~and scare trick-or-treaters~
~~with my frightful faces~~
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What can you see the effects of but yet never actually see...
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The way to communicate
Over thousands of miles
Whether talking or texting
It brings lots of smiles

A new machine
That impacted us all
And this machine can also be used
To make or take a call
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One simple click, one simple flash. Preserving a memory, for years I will last.

What am I?
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I run away every day and return every night. I am the bane of a flower and a thieves delight.

What am I?
I touch the Earth, I touch the sky. But if I touch you, you are surely to die.

What am I?