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  • Name: Kiana
  • Gender: Female
  • Website: drhorrible.com
  • Born: July 10, 1990
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About Me:

This is a very long About Me.. Yuck. I realize now after I type it. Hi there! I'm KuRG, I've been on and off this application for about.. 4 years now...!! I'M SO OLD. Wow. Back in the day, I was something you might call a "big deal".. or so I'm told *coughcoughcough* just a little something I had going on Factzilla. And iJoke. And Riddle Me This. Let's just say I had connections with the right people. Or maybe I WAS the right people? I don't know. It was all a blur. "Well, apparently this human escaped, and nobody's seen him since.. And then there was sort of a long chunk of time, where um, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING happened." sorry. Couldn't stop thinking about Portal 2 as I was trying to explain what happened. That's not really what happened. I think. Basically I left for a while. A long while.. Yeah that sums it up. Recently I came back, and found people! Still here! Crazy! So now I show up every now and then. Apparently now, I'm a mother, don't know when that happened. Can mothers be adopted? A stork must have kidnapped me and dumped me back here in Riddle Me This, so I guess I'm stuck here for a while with a bunch of kids :D At least, I'm assuming that's what happened. It's not easy though. Accessing RMT isn't all that simple for me, and I happen to be somewhat busy this year, so I try my best to show up when I can (for the kids, you know?) That's all I can think of about me. Is that a good enough explanation? ...Oh okay great thanks :D