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About Me:

I'm enjoy mentally and physically challenging things as well as odd/strange things. I found this app whilst looking for riddles/puzzle/brainteaser apps. I joined two days later. I enjoy reading, writing (stories/riddles), arithmetic, science, design and sport. I am a huge fan of manga and anime. I love browsing deviantart and I follow several online series. I often think of design/riddle/story ideas. I'm part English, Welsh, Irish, Scottish and part German. Sports I regularly participate in: - Long Distance Running (5 km / 10 km) Other sports I play: - Football - Cricket - Tennis - Fencing Languages I speak: - I speak English - Tambien, hablo algunos espaņol. Favourite books: - 'The Shapeshifter' series by Ali Sparkes - 'Animals of Farthing Wood' series by Colin Dann - 'CHERUB' series by Robert Muchamore - The Bible (by various authors)