The Capital

How do you pronouce the capital of Kentucky?
is it "Looey-ville"? Or "Louise-ville"?
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  • unidentified (on 12/3/11)
    Is that even the capital?
  • mysterypenguin (on 21/4/10)
    Frank-FART!!!!!!! HA!
  • SophiaPena (on 21/4/10)
    Rolling on floor laughing
  • magenta346 (on 2/4/10)
    What do rofl and qwerty mean?? Seriously don know??
  • Feathermule (on 24/3/10)
    It was pretty good actually
  • KuRG (on 24/3/10)
    Thanks vero. You pronounce it frankfurt. I just said how do you pronounce it. The two others were there to confuse you
  • surpriseitsvero (on 23/3/10)
  • tottenham99 (on 23/3/10)
    Nope I don't get it either!
  • princesslol456 (on 26/2/10)
    What , I don't get it. Maybey because I'm from aussie
  • Feathermule (on 22/2/10)
    Wowzerz that was hilarious she said sarcastically
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