You are in a barren field with nothing for miles and throw a ball as hard as you can, but the ball comes back to you. How is this possible?
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  • jade21 (on 1/8/10)
    Ok r u young?!?!
  • ale_6 (on 28/5/10)
    I was thinking he was In room like how squidward was in in spongebob
  • hahahano (on 8/4/10)
    I said u threw it so effing hard that it went all the way around erth =^-.-^= puddy tat
  • guechy (on 2/3/10)
  • princesslol456 (on 26/2/10)
    ...I guess, its not very smart.
  • wizartist4 (on 20/2/10)
    Eh, it's okay..... ;)
  • ShadoShade (on 12/2/10)
    Not very smart...
  • SunnyD3 (on 12/2/10)

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