The Blind and the Deaf


A deaf man walks into a store, wanting to buy a toothbrush. By imitating the action of brushing his teeth, he gets one of the employees to help him find a toothbrush.

Next, a blind man walks into the store to buy a pair of sunglasses. How does he indicate what he wants?
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  • Blue Basilisk (on 21/7/12)
    Anyway I think it's funny when people get this wrong because the answer is so obvious when you think logically. Pretty cool riddle :)
  • Blue Basilisk (on 21/7/12)
    Sometimes blind people need glasses to protect their eyes from getting burned, to cover their eyes from people who would think they look creepy or to let people know they are blind.
  • coco cola (on 23/9/11)
    Blind men Can speak
  • krixya (on 14/12/10)
    People... The deaf dude can talk if he wants but the point of the riddle is to confuse you... Putting a blind man asking for something for his eyes, after another person had troublle asking for another item
  • Ravenfrozt (on 5/11/10)
    - if he wanted to talk, I mean. So whoever made the riddle is right
  • Ravenfrozt (on 5/11/10)
    Ummm.. Guys. I'm deaf but I hear perfectly well cause I have an implant. But it takes alot of training to learn to speak properly cause we learn to speak by hearing what people talk about all the time. So in the riddle the deaf man must of had an implant. Duh
  • kkdance (on 7/6/10)
    Y would blind person need sun glasses change to underwear plz
  • soccerchic333 (on 1/5/10)
     vero said the DEAF person
  • tottenham99 (on 30/3/10)
    Vero : they can't bcuz they can't c were there writing on. U try writing NEATLY on a piece of paper with your I closed
  • princesslol456 (on 8/3/10)
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