Sing is a word. Song is a word. Sung is a word. Sang is a word. But, is Singed a word?
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  • Casey_4eva (on 15/3/11)
    Haha cool
  • kellia (on 8/10/10)
    Same thing you failure
  • Uncgal_BANANA (on 25/4/10)
    Mystery person, you failed... Epically...
    1) you spelled lots of stuff wrong
    2) you didn't write the right stuff
  • mysterypenguin (on 21/4/10)
    Comments are hidden if awnser is hidden
  • princesslol456 (on 26/2/10)
    Sorta good.I like it
  • Feathermule (on 22/2/10)
    Yes, it depends on how you are pronouncing it.
  • ShadoShade (on 11/2/10)
    Wait, but it depends on pronounciation...
    Doesn't it?
  • Bella5893 (on 11/2/10)
    Yes, it is burnt
  • ShadoShade (on 11/2/10)
    Nice one

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