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Hundreds of thousands died while I was in power. I hated many and tried to kill them all. Many people that I killed were lower than me and my kind: my belief. Everyone that tried to kill me failed repeatedly. Who am I?
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  • Blue Basilisk (on 22/7/12)
    I LOVE HARRY POTTER. Nice answer maxshneider1! It could also be hitler...😜
  • maxschneider1 (on 23/5/12)
  • puppygal8888 (on 21/4/12)
    Well I. Would recommend reading the Harry Potter series. They are a great read!
  • puppygal8888 (on 20/4/12)
    How have you NEVER read or seen Harry Potter!? Its one of the best selling series of books and the films were amazing!!
  • mystic (on 19/4/12)

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