Fishy Story

A fish walked to a store and bought a bag of chips for $0.99, he takes out his wallet but finds out he has no money.

How is the fish going to pay for it?
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  • acelfan123 (on 21/9/11)
    I thought the answer was going to be a loan shark
  • This shouldn't be under logic it should be under silly. And since when do fish buy chips? Is the fish a cannibal?
  • ShadoShade (on 7/4/11)
    And yes it does belong in logic...
    Pay attention to the wording... Many errors, denies the fact that the fish actually went to the store and bought chips. (note that he bought fish and chips)
  • snoopy89 (on 11/3/11)
    Wow this fails..... a joke/riddle implies that the person/object/thing that's the main focus is udually fictional so the fish wud be able to this case all I say is....kid go play wif ur toys
  • unidentified (on 23/2/11)
    A FISH did u write the soggy joke?
  • Squidly101 (on 28/11/10)
  • Lynxx (on 20/10/10)
    I'm a fish....sshhhh.......don't eat me!!!
  • tigerclaw (on 16/10/10)
    Think you are a fish!
  • tigerclaw (on 16/10/10)
    kellia, i don't really
  • kellia (on 7/10/10)
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