A man is in a maze, suddenly the power shuts off. He walks on and it gets colder and colder. He comes to a set of doors numbered 1, 2, 3 and 4. He walks through door 3. Then, he comes to three more doors labeled A,B, and C. He goes through B and it locks behind him trapping him so he cannot turn back. In front of him are two doors. In one is a loaded gun that will shoot him and the other contains an electric chair that he will be strapped to. Which one should he choose?
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  • ws10hf (on 23/8/13)
    heard it beforeā€¦
  • wertyiu102 (on 5/12/11)
    No, I wouldn't pick the electric chair. He'll still be strapped to it. And die of starvation.
  • Conor1213 (on 23/8/11)
    But then again how would the gun shoot him anyway??
  • Conor1213 (on 22/8/11)
    But seriously is this in a theme park coz if it is health and safety authorities seriously need to check it out
  • Conor1213 (on 22/8/11)
    Knew this no power so the electric chair won't work
  • DoomKnight (on 18/8/11)
    I'v seen this this riddle SO Many times but this is the best!
  • Mimzy (on 8/8/11)
    This is so obvious. The electric chair duh first thing in my head
  • Duh. Powers out. I've seen something similar.
  • kenziekitty (on 26/3/11)
    Uh, It'd be the electric chair cause the power would be out? I've gotten quite a lot of these lately. Power's out so no electricity! Fun though. I enjoyed it. =)
  • Tim_Dufrene (on 21/3/11)
    My guess - Electric Chair. The power is out.
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