I protect people
I am curved at the end
I sometimes help a penguin fly
What could I be
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  • fishylane (on 30/11/11)
    Ssums what is your pic
  • MJISAWESOME27 (on 27/11/11)
    Its the umbrella from batman with the penguin dude
  • fishylane (on 27/11/11)
    Funny. Yo mama so stupid that she cried when a gum ball didn't come out of the parking meter
  • fishylane (on 26/11/11)
  • fishylane (on 26/11/11)
    Yo mamas so fat that when she went up the empire state building they thought king kong was at it again
  • fishylane (on 26/11/11)
    Yo mamas so ugly she turned Micheal Jackson white
  • fishylane (on 26/11/11)
    Yo mamas so poor I saw her running after the garbage truck with a shopping list
  • fishylane (on 26/11/11)
    Yo mama war!
  • fishylane (on 26/11/11)
    My friend is dum
  • fishylane (on 26/11/11)
    Stupid riddle

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