A man is walking, suddenly he hears a loud boom. As he looks around the corner he finds the boom and dies, what happened?
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  • Conor1213 (on 23/8/11)
    Rated no star guns don't go boom they pdew pdew pdew
  • fishylane (on 19/7/11)
    Bam your mom
  • Duh. Gunshots that's stupid.
  • natashaaraneta (on 23/4/11)
    ya! they dont go boom! they go PEW PEW PEW!!! lol
  • snoopy89 (on 11/3/11)
    Fail... Guns don't go boom they go bang everyone know that bombs go boom but guns???.... Kid go play wif ur toys
  • Dramione (on 27/2/11)
    Nuclear explosion jk
  • Squidly101 (on 30/11/10)
    .5 stars
  • sphinx (on 29/7/10)
    2/5 stars
  • OrsomeMan (on 4/7/10)
    This is stupid
  • hahahano (on 12/5/10)
    I thot dinomite
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