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A cowboy is riding to town and he gets there on Friday and 3 days later he leaves town on Friday. How is this possible?
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  • pinksucks (on 5/6/11)
    Awesome Riddle
  • EmoKat (on 21/4/11)
    I heard this riddle before, I want a few good ones!
  • sparkyjc (on 16/4/11)
    Who watches iCarly, ur such retards
  • pololan (on 14/9/10)
    His horse's name is Friday and stop stealing riddles from tv people
  • sphinx (on 30/7/10)
    I like iCarly
  • OrsomeMan (on 4/7/10)
    Who cares if it's of icarly! This app is meant for riddles, not people to monitor whether these riddles are taken from a show or movie. Everyone just calm down an have a peice of cheese or something
  • dancee (on 17/5/10)
  • mysterypenguin (on 21/4/10)
  • soccerchic333 (on 1/4/10)
    thts so gay u got it from icarly 
  • guechy (on 3/3/10)
    I've heard this alot
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