During WWI, there was a bridge connecting Germany and Switzerland. Nobody from Germany was allowed to enter Switzerland, and nobody from Switzerland was allowed to cross to Germany. A guard comes out of his tower every 3 minutes to see if anyone was trying to cross the bridge. If he saw anyone, he told them to go back. A woman in switzerland desperately needed to get to Germany, but knew it would take her at least 6 minutes to cross. But she managed it fine. How?
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  • kmoneygrip (on 15/2/14)
    I think the guard needs to stop taking breaks. :/
  • Blue Basilisk (on 25/7/12)
    Smart move.... Nice post
  • cullum (on 5/11/11)
    To long to read just looked at the answer because it's 10:30 in the morning
  • _InsertWittyNameHere_ (on 5/11/11)
    This ones pretty cool. Good job writer!

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