Great Fear

He was afraid to go home because of the man in the mask. Who is the man in the mask?
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  • OpalKoboi (on 8/8/11)
    Umm I think this is baseball but I'm not sure because I don't like sports.
  • osycat101 (on 16/3/11)
    the only way I would be scared is if the other players had chainsaws

    one word LAME
  • Ruben Joon (on 25/1/11)
    Kay, he could have a machete like Jason
  • kayla102938 (on 11/9/10)
    I got it! But would he really be afraid?
  • bigman190 (on 30/6/10)
    He's afraid because he dose not want get out duh and I'm a baseball fan
  • sphinx (on 24/6/10)
    He must know it's a game so he wouldn't be afraid
  • LWSD4ever (on 9/6/10)
    He wouldn't be afraid!
  • princesslol456 (on 16/3/10)
    Wat? He wouldn't be afraid
  • dash623 (on 9/3/10)
    Good one
  • princesslol456 (on 8/3/10)
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