Genghis Khan

Why did Genghis give his kids a decapitated head?
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  • Cheesyfantastico (on 22/5/11)
    HOW DOES THIS MAKE SENCE?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!!??!?!!?!!!?!?!!?
  • kgirl1001 (on 4/4/11)
    Hey baddragon where u been? U should start commenting on that history riddle again, there's been beebz drama nd there's a rumor the CrazedGenius is him!!! Jk but Lol come back!
  • BlahBlahBlahPeace (on 27/3/11)
    Except for me!
  • baddragon (on 27/3/11)
    No one comments here anymore!!
  • kellia (on 13/10/10)
    Or he wanted them to get ahead in life
  • hahahano (on 11/10/10)
    Who... Smiling sushi is ur avatar shuld be
  • Eugenialhy (on 10/10/10)
    Hey guys I'm back and all new
  • KuRG (on 25/7/10)
    Wait what did I do? I just saw that comment on my fact...
  • Feathermule (on 21/7/10)
    Sigh, it's evil because they abuse the animals that they use for they're meat :'( it's really sad and gross...
  • hahahano (on 22/6/10)
    Oh ya btw mooyah is 99999999999899899999999999999993999999q4499999999999s3 times better than mikey ds
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