Tho, how are you? I uthed my geniuth to brainthtorm the hardethd riddle ever. Tell which of thethe ith a animal:

A. Moth
B. Shark
C. Both
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  • OpalKoboi (on 8/8/11)
    Isn't it mosth?
  • cerealkiller (on 21/3/10)
    WTF both would actually mean boss due to his " lithp"
  • princesslol456 (on 10/3/10)
  • Greenmist (on 1/3/10)
    I agree with kittykiller, they prob shouldn't be able to say shark. Or idk, I don't have a lisp, so who knows, any lispers can clarify? Hah.
  • princesslol456 (on 1/3/10)
    I don't see how it could ve been moss. I can't read/ hear the accent

    ( I love iPods)
  • SunnyD3 (on 1/3/10)
    Well that wuth thupid!!!!
  • CrazedGenius (on 28/2/10)
    Oh, yah. Good point killerkitty.
  • killerkitty1990 (on 28/2/10)
    You would also say thark...
  • Bstew (on 28/2/10)
    That's strange
  • CrazedGenius (on 28/2/10)
    I love this one. Great riddle!
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