Strangest Creature

The strangest creature you'll ever find: Two eyes in front and many more behind.

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  • Nanashi (on 27/10/11)
    Love Greek mythology and Hera was queen of the gods, married to zeus, and was god of marriage, family and her sacred animal was the peacock
  • OpalKoboi (on 9/8/11)
    No Hera wasn't goddess of home hestia was if you knew anything about Greek mythology you should know that. Hera was the goddess of marriage and family.
  • Smileychick (on 22/3/11)
    I like chicken!!!
  • differenceRox (on 27/2/11)
    I don't think Hera was seen as the queen of the Olympian Gods, yes she was married to Zeus, but I don't think she was queen. She was know as quite jealous of Zeus's many lovers and was god of any thing to do with the home.
  • Ravenfrozt (on 3/12/10)
    Hera is the queen of the gods! O my gods!
  • xfactor243 (on 29/9/10)
    Who is Hera Andrew jackson
  • Antonio Euan-Pat (on 3/7/10)
    Who the fuck is hera
  • sphinx (on 24/6/10)
    The peacock is Hera's animal
  • princesslol456 (on 16/3/10)
  • princesslol456 (on 8/3/10)

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