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There is a 4 way intersection. 4 cars come up at the same time, all on different sides. They don't know who should go first so they all go at once, yet there are no accidents. How is this possible?
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  • coco cola (on 23/9/11)
    They're toy cars! I thought they made a pee acident ;)
  • princesslol456 (on 8/3/10)
    See ya!
  • jibbajabba (on 28/2/10)
    Works in England I guess...
  • princesslol456 (on 25/2/10)
    Riddle me re riddle me ro
    I'm so bored I HAVE to go
  • dhagj (on 25/2/10)
    That is wrong. You have to turn right. Dummy!
  • In england, the roads are on the left. So turning left would be normal.
  • Taizzzzzed (on 24/2/10)
    Can't they all turn right
  • KuRG (on 24/2/10)
    I think I heard this before somewhere else on here. Somthing like it
  • ShadoShade (on 24/2/10)
    This is a bad copy of a riddle....
  • KJ317 (on 24/2/10)
    I think they meant to say turn right.

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