Man Walks In To A Bar..

A man walked in to a bar, what did he say?
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  • hahahano (on 8/4/10)
    Oh snap
  • Bstew (on 24/2/10)
  • Feathermule (on 22/2/10)
    And I meant to say BRIGHTEST, lightbulb in the box, ya...
  • Feathermule (on 22/2/10)
    Ya, I know, sorry
  • Feathermule (on 22/2/10)
    Oh sorry my bad, icuraqt! There we go
  • Feathermule (on 22/2/10)
    Sorry Incuaqt but I don't think you the brightest star in the sky, not the brightest crayon in the pack, not the sharpest pencil in the case, not the lightbulb in the box, as a matter of fact I think you might have just burnt out, sorry!!!
  • icuraqt (on 20/2/10)
    Yes, thank you Kurg797.
  • KuRG (on 19/2/10)
    Like, he hit the bar while walking. Like he walked literally into it. Does that help?
  • icuraqt (on 19/2/10)

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