Man In The Field

You're in a field and you see a dead man, he is naked and holding a drinking straw. What happened?
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  • Casey_4eva (on 15/3/11)
    Oh never mind I thought it said desert not field cos I was skimming it :) but there's one like it about in a desert.
  • Casey_4eva (on 15/3/11)
    Couldn't it be 'he died of starvation/thirst'?????
  • surpriseitsvero (on 20/11/10)
    XD FAIL!
  • KuRG (on 25/7/10)
    Disguised?? He wasn't wearing anything!
  • kellia (on 5/7/10)
    Or he went to a nudist and straw party and there was an assassin disguised there and he stabbed him with his straw and put the body in a field and ran off without anyone noticing and then told everyone that the victim had left early.
  • ale_6 (on 28/5/10)
    This is not a good riddle cuz anything couldve happened
  • mysterypenguin (on 21/4/10)
  • hahahano (on 8/4/10)
    I said he got raped rite after he drank a soda cuz i'm pervy like that
  • guechy (on 2/3/10)
    I Luv these kind of riddles they're funnnnnnnny
  • princesslol456 (on 26/2/10)
    Ha, I love these types of jokes!
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