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Flip my switch and I will glow
I live a long life but never grow
I stay this size for many ages
When I break there will be rages
Stare at me and I'll bring a tear
Once I'm lit it's bright and clear

What am I?
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Someone were love is never.
Someone who will be hated for ever.
Some are more serious,
and some just play.
Doing things like me is the worst way.
I never know right from wrong.
My words are tormenting like a sirens song.

If you see me attack.
Make the right act.
For my victim is week.
suffering is all I seek.

Who am I?
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People who have lots of fun.
Right here right now there is only one.
Right here on riddle me this.
Mom, dad, brothers, and sis.

Who are we?
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Never odd or even.
Rise to vote sir.
Not a tub but a ton
A Toyota. Race fast, safe car. A Toyota.
Live not on evil.
No lemon no melon.
Yo banana boy.
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An explosion of lights
On a very special night
They soar up and up until they pop
They are magical things no one can top
Different colors, to different designs
I'll watch them and watch them until I drop
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A room filled with spears and blades
Spend your time here, as home fades
Before the arena you must prepare
But as a knife is stolen, just beware
Look, don't worry just shoot straight.
The things you do here decide your fate
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In this infinite cube land
Stone, gravel, dirt, and sand
Build in the day, survive through the night
Craft some armor, you'll have to fight
Mine and mine until you can't
if you die you will rant
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A heathy snack but an obnoxious race.
Keep this going, I'll put a mace in your face.
My jimmies have been rustled now its done.
Please stop rusting this isn't fun.
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An endless time.
So hard to rhyme.
Nothing to do.
I feel like poo.
That was random.
I'll find a new fandom.
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Lifted up in a box, with just a name.
But it's not your fault WICKED's to blame
Up in the glade life is hard
A house, trees, a giant yard
Stay out of the maze you'll be fine
Go in the maze, Greivers gona' dine
Shuck-Face language you need to know
But your the greenie here so just stay low
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