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In the ground or in you're hair
On February 14th me you may share
Females use me but males give me
But in winter I flee
Think very very VERY hard.
Hint: it's three words

There are four guys who's names are in the title. There was a job that Everybody had to do. Anybody could've done it but Nobody did it. Somebody got mad about that because it was Everybody's job. Everybody told Somebody that Nobody did it. Everybody yelled at Somebody and Nobody blamed Anybody because Everybody knew. What did Somebody do?
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I have 3 hands but no arms
I make a sound whenever you say
To stop me put me to sleep
If you pull the end of my tail I die
And I start my work at night

What am I?
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I am 3 simple words. 3 simple words. Such simple words. And yet life-
changing. What am I?
I am owned by every man
Though my length differs
Their wives use me after getting married
What am I?
What's the difference between snowmen and snowwomen?
I have 6 seconds yet I have a lot of time
People laugh when they're on me
I show them things that make them laugh
I may send messages that people give me
I am loved by everybody
And they give me short videos
I am green yet on the inside you may change color
And I use two cameras

What am I?
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It happens at school
Before the end of semesters
It's dark and I hate it
But so does everyone
My name is part of a horror franchise
Where all the characters die
My name is why it is
Before the end of semesters
When you get to the last of me
The first part of that
Is what I am
When you add an S

What am I?
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Some riddles rhyme
And some do not
But this one does
So let's give it a shot

It is in this riddle
And in here
Yet it surrounds everywhere
And is found in the rear

I hope you payed attention
But you probably got it I reckon
If you don't know yet
Read a second... Time
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I work as a fast food chef
I live in a small town
My coworker hates me
I cannot drive
I have 2 real friends
One is mentally challenged
The other is a scientist
She is from the south
And uses metaphors

Who am I?

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