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I can run, but have no legs.
I smell but am not very stinky.
What am I?
What comes next in this sequence?

A4 D2 B7 G5 E10 J8
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This challenge is from one of my favorite books, the Mysterious Benedict Society. <3

You are trapped in a room, and there just has to be a way to get out!
If you stand in the doorway, you can see:
1. An air vent
2. The floor, wooden boards screwed together. When you knock on them they sound hollow...
3. A window.

If all you have is a small screwdriver, what are four ways you can get out of the room?
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Who is bigger, Mr. Bigger or his son?
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I am fat and thin
With light within
My wire burns
Generates as time turns
If you touch me I'm hot
When I'm off, I'm not

What am I?
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I complete "hello"
And "how do you do?"
I can make sound
But I don't say "ew"
I'm okay and good
But not in the middle
And I'm not even
Inside "riddle"
I start and I finish
The "Oreo" cookie
And I can see double
When I am a "rookie"

What am I?
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The plates rise up
And you look around
A volcano, a mountain, and grass on the ground
A minute you must
Just wait for a little
And if you don't
Your bones shall turn brittle
The countdown is done
The killing has started
You know you must run
Or you'll be departed.

Where are you?
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A man walks into the store and points at what he wants. The store owner rushes over to give it to him, and the man grabs it and leaves. Five minutes later, another customer enters and screams. What happened?
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I am an odd number. Take away one of my letters and I become even. What number am I ?
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I am your name
But not completely
I guard who you are
You thought discreetly
Came up with me
To hide your "you"
And be someone
Who isn't true
Not true, exactly
Cause it's not real
A name to merely
Get rid of the feel
That points toward you
To be the one
The author, the writer
Of books you have done

What am I?
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