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My favorite T.V show starts with a v, and is a singing contest
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My favorite movie is an old tv show then they made it into a couple of a movies.Then they made a new one in 2011 ( or 2012 I don't know) it starts with m
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If someone calls a tail a leg on a dog, how many legs does a dog have.
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I have an idea.

All of us put our real picture for like a week.

Whose up for it??
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Peter's family has 3 people in it, his mom, dad and Peter.

Peter's family was poor. So they each had a set of, a spoon, a fork, a plate, and a cup. All different colors. 1 was white, the other was blue, and the last was neon green.

Peter's mom liked bland colors, his dad liked the sky, and Peter liked BRIGHT colors.

Based on this information, which set belongs to who??

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He's a semi aquatic agg laying mammal of action ( doo be do be doo a doo be doo be do a)

He's a furry little flatfoot who'll never flinch from a fra- eeay-eeay.

He's got more than just mad skill he's got a beaver tail and a bill

And swoon when ever they hear say krrrr

He's ____

_____ the _____

Who is he
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I can be a comfy thing to sleep on,

I am also a soft little creature to play with hours on end

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I attack Many people when there's dust,

I am a disease that no one can trust,

You use and inhaler to make me stop,

But no matter what I shall not!

Who am I?

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I cleanse the hands of everyone,

I will not stop till the job is done.

People use me after the park or even when the make a fart (or a poop),

I smell nice like a fresh breeze or maybe I smell like the death of a bee
What is this?
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I am blue or pink or maybe green,

You can wear me when ever you please,

I may be skinny or I may be straight,

My fabric is rough, as rough as a rock
(Not really that rough)

Most people where me all the time.
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