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I have brought the greatest civilizations down from lack of me, I am small in size and weight, I can be destroyed at will with no effort but I am very powerful, people kill for me. What am I?
I am bigger than you can dream, without any of me can be torture for certain people. In some parts of me, you can die. What am I?
A landscaper planted 5 rows of 4 trees each for a family. He was asked later that day how many trees he planted. He responded "5 rows of 4 trees each". The person said, "You planted 20 trees then?" The landscaper said, "No, I did not, but I did plant 5 rows of 4 trees each". How did this happen?
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With a gentle touch I can do,
what mighty strength cannot get through. Without me, in the streets would stand many friends were I not at hand.
Connected I am, yet, despite my closeness it takes time to pass my substance. The stiller I am, the faster I run.
I throw my weapon like a javelin, but no
man can do it as I do, only nature can replicate this feat alone. The decline of my worship came after defeat, but my identity lived on with the attackers who defeated my main worshippers, as another name. Alas, my worship declined from a long haired man who was a mortal on earth yet he was the demise of my worshippers, as they were traitorous and turned to him.
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I slew a woman with killer hair, gaze upon her and you will not fair well. Look at this beautiful and horrid woman and you will become a mere pillar among the many surrounding her lair. I killed her with a sword of adamant after gazing upon her merely in a reflection.
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Hugo killed many people in South Carolina but was never arrested and the cops knew all about it. Why wasn't Hugo arrested?
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I had many labors I had to complete after going insane and killing my children. I killed many animals that mortals couldn't defeat. I died after being clothed in a powerful poison from an arrow I shot. Half of me is atop a mountain while the other half is near Styx.
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I am the second most powerful: above death, below sky. I rule the water and the beings within. My weapon is a trident, my roadway the waves. Salt and fresh I rule.