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Ear ate,
Ease e eady or he ig est. Ish ou ood uck! Om ill eward ou ne ig rize f ou et erfect arks.
Ove, om
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How can a bag be placed on the floor so that it cant be jumped over?
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Goipoipd iipf yipoipuip fiipguipreip thiips oipuipt.
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I am in the middle of one and the start of never. I hop on at the end of a train but always end up in pain. I start out with no but end up with fine. My favorite place is only mine. What am I?
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Mary's father have 4 daughters: Mimi, Mama and Mandy. What is the last daughter's name?
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Two in front, two behind, one in the middle.
How many are there?
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I never was, always am to be, no one ever saw me, no one ever will, and yet I am the confidence of all the live and breathe on this terrestrial ball. What am I?
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A fish gets robbed and is in need of money. What does he do?
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If you break me
I will not stop working.
If you touch me
I might be captured.
To have me
Is the greatest gift of all.

What am I ?
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At first glance this will probably look like gibberish to you, but thinking deeply you will see that in one aspect of maths these equations make sense, the question is, can you figure out which aspect it is?



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