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These riddles have been seen by the most people.

There is a green house. Inside the green house there is a White house. Inside the White house there is a red house. Inside the red house there are lots of babies.

What am I?
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Sometimes I am loved,
Usually by the young.
Other times I am dreaded,
Mostly by the old ones.
I am hard to remember,
Also hard to forget.
And yet if you do,
You'll make someone upset.
I occur every day
Everyone has to face me.
Even if you don't want it
To happen; embrace me.
What am I?
A man is on the run from the police, after stealing large gold bars. He has 3 gold bars in his arms - each weighing 10kg each. The problem is, as he runs from the police, he must cross a mile long, fragile bridge which can only support 100kg.

The man weighs 80kg.

How could he transport all 3 gold bars?
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Put me in the front and I am not.
Put me at the end and I am many.
I am put together.
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Four fingers and a thumb yet flesh and bone I have none, what am I?
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You're in a room with no windows and no doors. All that's in there is a table and a mirror. How do you get out?
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What does this mean?

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There is a black dog sitting on a black road. There is no moon, or any other lights. A car comes with no headlights or any lights on, but steers around the dog. How did he know the dog was there?
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A man says that every time he has gotten a fortune cookie his lucky numbers have always been the same, how is this possible???
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A man is in his car. All his windows are up and locked, and all his doors are shut and locked. His whole car is bullet-proof (windows, doors, etc.). As he is in his car, a gun shot sounds, and the man tumbles to the floor of his car, shot. If the man was within this car by himself, how did he manage to get shot?
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