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ABCD, which letter is coldest?

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One of us falls, and never breaks, then the other breaks, but never falls. What are we?
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How do you know one cat has 9 tails?
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Imagine you're on a sinking ship surrounded by sharks! How do you survive??
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April showers bring May flowers. What do May flowers bring?
So a man is in a kitchen with 11 toothpicks. He doesn't do anything to them and yet, now he has nine! How is this possible? ( remember he didn't do anything to them)
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What is a fun thing that you can play with the world, but never win.
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What is yellow, has wheels, and brightens up mother's day?!
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To some a puff of fresh air,
To others a lethal breath,
In me you can fly,
In me you might die,
I bubble with joy,
Whenever you're in me,
You need me for life,
Like a man needs a wife.
What can be felt but not seen. And destroy but cannot be destroyed.