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These riddles have been seen by the most people.

What does this mean?

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You are in an indestructible cement room ten feet underground. You cannot contact anyone to help you escape. There are no openings in the room. There is enough oxygen in the room for two hours. There is also a friendly vampire in the room. He will not bite you, and he can't escape either. He can't teleport, go through the ground, etc. How do you escape?!?
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What is the sixth letter of the alphabet?
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I have a bank, but no money.
I have a bed but do not sleep.
I have a month but cannot eat.
What am I ?
I stare at you,
You stare back at me.
Your a copycat,
I can see.
Whatever I do,
You seem to do too.
At the same time of course,
But how do you know.
Who am I?
Two trains both enter a one way tunnel at different ends exactly on 9:00, but they both come out the other end unharmed 5 minutes later, how is this possible?
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What comes once in a century, twice in a lifetime and never in a thousand years?
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What comes once in eternity, twice in a lifetime and never in a thousand years?
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A woman sees a murder in the field near her home yet doesn't report it. Why?
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Alive without breath,
as cold as death,
never thirsty, ever drinking
all in mail never clinking
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