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I am up when you are down
I am down when you are up
I am gone when you are happy
But ever present when you're lonely.
Who is most perfect? But actually though. They sing without instruments besides two. Usually they use, only their voices, but sometimes KO comes out with Bey or Jay Z
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What did the toilet say to the human who wanted to know how toilets worked?
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It's nice to listen to,
Whether it's old or new,
And you might catch yourself
Tapping your shoe.

People move
When they hear the groove,
And they don't stop
Until the clock hits 2.
Okay guys, here's what I propose:
Tell as many of your friends as you can to get this app and be active! When you do, have them comment here "(your name) sent me!" The person who invites the most people by MAY 20th wins! Let's get this app running again!
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What kind of clown is a gardening tool with a frilly accessory attached?
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Is anybody here?!
I keep flying higher
To never look back
Doors opening, closing
Years up in a stack

I stop for a moment
Celebrating my years
The years since creation
With cake, gifts and cheers
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Snape, Snape,
Severus Snape
A fabric body
A black felt cape

Dumbledore's here
And Ron Weasely too
They're saying their names
From out of the blue

Hermione, Harry
They sing all along
Their merry old, merry old
Hogwarts song

The source of the ticking
A pipe bomb is found
After it explodes
Only Voldemort's around
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You walk outside and throw a glass ball thirty feet up in the air. It does not break. How is this possible?
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