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Your stuck In a room with no doors or windows and a solid roof, all that is in the room is a door and a mirror. How do you get out?
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Long ago you used me,
To keep you from going dead,
For before I was created,
It was a time to dread.

I kept you alive and warm,
And gave you a source of light,
I kept you from freezing,
As you slept through the night.

I am quite bittersweet,
When I'm at the start,
But then I'm a golden blue,
When I'm about to fall apart.

My only fear is water,
It causes my life to end,
For once I do go out,
It's impossible to mend.

Now I'm rarely used,
Because people think cause vain,
Because when I touch you,
I leave a lot of pain.

So now you've heard my story,
From how I live to how I die,
And now I will ask of you,
What am I?
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What contains one letter, begins with E and end with E?
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I have much to say
Yet I cannot speak
I am a window to the past
Yet I am also in the present
I have the greatest meanings hidden
Yet I can also mean nothing
I create and build things
Yet I also have the power to destroy
Narrated by Aerowen
Present day

The heavy fog makes it hard to see. It had just stopped raining out. The damp sidewalk is barely illuminated by the dying street lamp. Someone needs to change the light, it's gunna give out at any second. Like anybody's gunna do that anytime soon, I laugh. It sounds harsh and sarcastic to my ears. It's so quite, there's no crickets chirping or animals rustling about. That's because there are no crickets or animals left, I think bitterly, not sense it happened. Well I'm not going to think about that, i think while shaking my head. I check my watch, 11:52. He's cutting it very close, I think with annoyance. I shouldn't have trusted him to come in the first place. Then, a soft sound, the low rumbling of a car. He better have made sure he wasn't being followed. And now I see it, the faint outline of a car in the darkness, the car being slightly darker than the surrounding darkness. The new moon leaving the world in almost complete darkness, which can be a blessing if you don't want to be seen. The headlights of the car are off, good, he may not be a complete fool after all. I check my watch again, 11:56. It's almost time.
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What is a question you can never answer yes to?
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You don't have to be within me to enjoy me
I'm with you with the people you love
I am your sunshine, your spot of tea
I'm under you, below, above

I make you feel safe
I make you feel free
You I don't chafe
I am not bothering

What am I?
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The pain you feel when you see them,
And the hurt when you don't,
All adds up,
When u want to cry but won't.

And late at night,
When laying in your bed,
You think of all the happy times,
And about things you both said.

But now it's awkward,
And you refuse to forgive,
Especially since what they did,
Makes it hard to live.

At some times you are angry,
And sometimes you are sad,
Maybe you feel betrayed,
Because what they did was bad.

But was it so bad?
Or are you the one who's wrong?
Just channel your uncertainty,
And put it into song.
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S t i c k
n y
o Me S
i i
t a u t
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Why did tiger look in the toilet
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