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You may enjoy me on a summer’s night,
While other’s prefer to fight.
In many people’s homes, I am generously fed
Unless I show up uninvited.
I never stop being hungry
and consume anything that lies before me.
In fact, I am hungrier after I ate than before.
Striking me will only anger me more.
People create me.
But they won’t let me go free
Terror I often bring
For I can destroy almost anything
Many people need me to live
For the many things I give.
Although I can show you your way
You can only hope where the end of my path lay
What am I?
Since the dawn of time it's been
And yet to kill it is not keen
It does not mean to hurt any
And all the same it slaughters many
Has an equal in a way
But to each other they stay away
When they cross paths, it's a sight to see
It can make papers, news and tv
Don't tell me
Remember me
Ask and you probably won't recieve
Many people don't
It's ok because it's not for them
No more asking
Let it go!
Shut up!
Get out of here in telling you:P
Every day I'm shuffling
That made no sense
Times wasting
Reasonablly on here
Vivid to not you
Is this making sense ?
Are you getting mad?
Utter disbelief
This is confidentional
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What is the only English word with fifteen different letters?
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Batman and Robin are running down a hallway after the Riddler. At the end of the hall are three doors. They know that one of these doors leads to the Riddler who is stealing a ten million dollar statue. Batman sees a card on the floor with a green ? on it. He opens the card and the word "brain" is written on it. Which door is the riddler behind? Is it the right, left, or middle one?

PS. Don't over think it.
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I am the stage on which dreams are made. Those who know me would say i am gentle even in a fight. Though sometimes down, i am rarely out...except when i go camping. what am i?
I have brought the greatest civilizations down from lack of me, I am small in size and weight, I can be destroyed at will with no effort but I am very powerful, people kill for me. What am I?
Rearrange the letters; NOR DO WE
to make one word.
I can make you strong I can make you weak i can make you tired I can make you crazy what am i
I go in dry and come out wet and the longer I'm in the stronger I get
What am I