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What happens when you throw a yellow rock into a purple stream?
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White and light, I drift from the sky
Piling about before your eye,
To young ones, I can make you quite glad,
Unless blocking your way, then you're sad,
This is wonderful, no lie,
Now riddle me this, what am I?

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I have keys that open no locks,
I have space, but there is no room,
You can enter, but you can't go in.
What am I?
I am only there to help you learn.
I am life, death, age, or anything you can imagine.
I always has happened at some point.
I inside your past.
I am inside your head.
You may, or may not share me.
I am required of your senses.
What am I?
I am am a key, but open no doors.
I am brown and furry
I a have a long tails
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There are three doors: Door 1, Door 2, and Door 3. Behind one of these doors lies eternal bliss, but behind the others lies eternal despair. You are allowed to choose any door, and you pick Door 1. Suddenly, Door 3 is swung open and revealed to be despair! You are give another choice: you may stick with the door you chose (1) or switch to the other (2). What should you do?
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What side of a turkey has the most feathers?
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There's a pond with one Lily in it and the number of Lilies doubles everyday. On the 48th day the pond is full of Lilies. What day is the pond half full?
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On the outskirts of a kingdom, a patrol of 12 knights are riding to guard the border. About 10 minutes behind them is a patrol of 10 knights. The first patrol finds a pear tree with 12 pears on it. They are hungry. Each takes a pear and eats it. When the patrol of 10 knights comes, the captain eats 2 and the other 9 eat 1. How is this possible?
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A white plane with blue stripes glides gracefully through the air. Suddenly, a problem occurs, the plane is too heavy and starts into a nose-dive straight into the ground. The plane crashes straight into the ground (with nothing to cushion the crash or slow the decent) however, there isn't a scratch on the plane. How is this possible?
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