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Lifted up in a box, with just a name.
But it's not your fault WICKED's to blame
Up in the glade life is hard
A house, trees, a giant yard
Stay out of the maze you'll be fine
Go in the maze, Greivers gona' dine
Shuck-Face language you need to know
But your the greenie here so just stay low
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An endless time.
So hard to rhyme.
Nothing to do.
I feel like poo.
That was random.
I'll find a new fandom.
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I'm so bored. If anyone knows something I can make or do...please help me.
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Upon the dusk falling
I rise into the sky
I'm assisted in lighting
As time passes by

But when the dawn breaks
My assistant returns
And takes over the show
'Till the final light burns
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Hey riddlers, it's time for another competition! This competition will be hosted by Annabeth_Chase (myself), and K.E.N.D.A.L.L. Get ready for a competitive, fun filled comp with tons of surprises! Here are the rules:

There will be three judges. These judges will rate each riddle from 1-20 and must be able to rate riddles on time, or get replaced.
Each round, every contestant will get a score out of 60 (the 3 judges' scores combined). The scores from each round will accumulate until the final round, where the highest scorer overall will win!!!
After each round, the person who received the highest score for THAT ROUND will get an advantage into the next round
All entries must be labeled as K and A Comp - (round number) or they will be disqualified.
This competition will use the JesterFox method, so nobody will get eliminated; the scores from each round will accumulate.
Some rounds might be themed or have specific rules! If you do not submit a riddle alluding to the theme, the riddle will receive a score of 0.

To enter the comp, or become a judge or backup, please comment below. Kendall and I will be judges, so only 1 other judge and 1 backup will be chosen. Please understand if you do not get chosen.

I will post a post that kicks off round 1 of the comp when we have received enough entries.
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What suspends until it falls, resulting in a mess?
If you don't like it,
Then you're wrong!
'Til we're banned,
It won't take long
We don't care,
What you say
Our jokes,
Will ruin your day
Fuck the emos,
Fuck the bronies,
We don't give a shit
About your problems and your ponies
We are the rustler of jimmies,
9/11 was fun
Eric Harris is our hero,
And we still ain't done
We are twisted,
And love your pain
Nothing can defend you,
From our reign
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Someone were love is never.
Someone who will be hated for ever.
Some are more serious,
and some just play.
Doing things like me is the worst way.
I never know right from wrong.
My words are tormenting like a sirens song.

If you see me attack.
Make the right act.
For my victim is week.
suffering is all I seek.

Who am I?
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*if anyone thinks this is a bad idea I will delete*

Hello, this is gymnastics12, I was thinking we could have this riddle be a chat riddle, if you're bored comment! And the reason I made a new account is because I thought I'll give everyone the password and you can edit this or say...

"Hey this is (insert your name here)! I'm bored! Anyone on?" Then write the date and time you wrote it like June 8, 7:39, pacific time,

And it will be fun!
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Springing up in sun
To wilt away in fall
Though some can beat the cold
Most die in spring, not all

Standing on one leg
Colorful arms spread out
They also bloom on trees
In fields of green, throughout

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