Dshift's Favorite Riddles

These are Dshift's favorite riddles, check them out.

What do you get when you mix English class with alcohol?
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A man went to the hardware store to buy items for his house.

1 would cost $.25
12 would cost $.50
122 would cost $.75

When he left the store he had spend $.75. What did he buy?
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There is a bus full of people, but when it arrives at the stop, not one single person gets off. Why?
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What kind of room doesn't have physical walls?
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What do you call a wild card?
The 8 of us move forward not back. To protect our King from the foe's attack.
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I fly in the air without engines and am controlled by a man on the ground.

What am I?
A man and his wife were running some errands. The man stopped the car at the grocery store and his wife stayed in the car. So he locked all the doors and windows. But when he came back there was a stranger in the car and his wife was dead but the doors were still locked and there were no broken windows. How did the wife die?
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On my way to Hindal I met a group of women each carrying 5 kindle

There where 6 sticks in each kindle, and in total the were 480 sticks.

How many people where going to Hindal?
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How do you make Lime Ice - Cream?
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