444 riddles

Use reasoning to find out how the situation of outcome was possible.

A man walks out of his house and turns all the lights off. 12 men died because of it. Why ?
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What breaks but stays in one piece?
In a room with lots of teachers around, students are taking a test. (the teachers are there to prevent the students from cheating). When the test is over and the teachers grade the papers, there's two papers with the exact same answers!!! How is that possible?
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A man is on the 20th story of his apartment complex, he tries to commit suicide by jumping through his window, yet once he jumps through he has no bruises or marks and he's completely fine. How is this possible?
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What can break but stay in one piece? (This time it's not news.)
A man left a $10,000 dollar bill on his desk and went out for the day. When he came home later that afternoon the money was gone.

Only 2 people could have taken it. The gardener and the cook. When he asks the cook, she said that she saw and money and put it underneath a book on the table so no one would steal it.

The man and the cook look and the money is still missing.

Then he asks the gardener what he saw and he says that he saw the cook hide the money under the book and decided it would be safer to put it inside the book and even wrote down the page number so he could remember, between page 45 and 46.

The man looks at the book and knows right away who the thief was. Who's the thief and how did he know?

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A man and his wife were running some errands. The man stopped the car at the grocery store and his wife stayed in the car. So he locked all the doors and windows. But when he came back there was a stranger in the car and his wife was dead but the doors were still locked and there were no broken windows. How did the wife die?
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A king has 100 identical servants, each with a different rank between 1 and 100. At the end of each day, each servant comes into the king's quarters, one-by-one, in a random order, and announces his rank to let the king know that he is done working for the day. For example, servant 14 comes in and says "Servant 14, reporting in."

One day, the king's aide comes in and tells the king that one of the servants is missing, though he isn't sure which one.

Before the other servants begin reporting in for the night, the king asks for a piece of paper to write on to help him figure out which servant is missing. Unfortunately, all that's available is a very small piece that can only hold one number, (1, 200, etc.), at a time. The king is free to erase what he writes and write something new as many times as he likes, but he can only have one number written down at a time.

The king's memory is bad and he won't be able to remember all the exact numbers as the servants report in, so he must use the paper to help him.

How can he use the paper such that once the final servant has reported in, he'll know exactly which servant is missing?
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A dog is tied to a 15 foot leash. How can the dog reach a bone that is 20 miles away?
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What do you put in a barrel to make it lighter?