Who Am I

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Riddles that test your knowledge of known people or characters.

Riddle me this
I am crazy, but a genius
Thus started my infamous adventurous adventure.
Too many questions
Started my isolation.

Instead, I ask the question.
What has a head covered in blood-red hair
A mind full of questions
But a mind full of destinations?
What has a stick to make special tricks? So that I can outsmart the greatest?
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We are a team 9 of us together we have very special powers and must gain back what was taken we have been on four adventures getting longer by the months all of us are famous who are we
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Yes, I love you, yes, I do...
But yet I sometimes 'torture' you.
Oh yes, annoying, however...
One day you'll thank me, forever and ever.
No, no, make your bed!
Did you even hear what I said?
No... NO more screen time!
So, who, who am I?
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I am furry, and soft.
I comfort people, and give people a "hug"
I am used by young children, but some older people use me too.
I am a collectible, and ANYBODY can make me.
I can come in various different colours, shapes and sizes.
In the daytime I sit, alone, waiting for night in which I am then not alone.
What am I?
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I'm someone you live with everyday until you graduate. I can yell and bitch at you and you can't a damn thing about sucker. Who am I?
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I am a popular character,
Children smile when they see me,
I am the face of the one of the biggest billionaire companies in the world,
I have lots of friends, of different shapes and sizes!
I am on a TV program, and in several movies.
Who am I?
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You'll love me, from birth until death, rich or poor and bad or good.
There flease is warm and wooly white,
And when you lie awake at night,
Count them and you'll fall asleep,
A guess? Why yes! A flock of-
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*chews on tongue*
Melm melm melm melm melm,
Melm melm melm melm melm,
What am I?
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I have 5 sides
I am Pink
My friend is yellow
He has 4 sides
I am shirtless
But I wear pants
I have a neighbor thats blue and grumpy
I live under a rock
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