Who Am I

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Riddles that test your knowledge of known people or characters.

Hippies always say I oppress them and society. Who am I?
I am the ruler of thieves and honest men. I rule travellers and salesmen. Music I made got me out of a crime of thievery. With nothing but hat and sandals I can fly and run like few others. With Love I made a child who's body is unlike most others. Who am I?
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I never lost, except my life. I brought about a new age. This new age is split into 3 parts.
1. A woman's name minus the L
2. A verb
3. A blood-sucking parasite
A mere bug brought me down, where many armies and the mighty Persians could not! I died when I was bitten. Tiny organism killed me, huge spears did not.

Who am I?
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I Have A Little House
In Which I Live All
Alone. It Has No Doors
Or Windows and if
I want to Go out I must break
Through the Wall
Who Am I?!
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I can watch you for a life time
1,000 endings
You are my favourite movie
you are a cinema
Who am i?
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I was Born on a Monday, and
Christened on Tuesday. I was Married on Wednesday, and Took ill on Thursday.
Grew worse on Friday,
I Died on Saturday, and Buried on Sunday.
That was the end,
Of who?
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It is said I predicted hister. Not exact but close enough some say. I said Napolean and hister were two of three. I healed people sick from rats, and later made these great claims. It is said I made a prediction and told a great man no to compete. He went against what I said and eye and temple caused him great pain. Am I right? No one can be sure.
Who am I?
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Riddle me this riddle me that
What kind of man has brains full of bats?
Ancient enemies feared me the most.
I had chariots made from gold
Armour made from steel
I am the greatest fighter
I am the most feared
But I am greatly honoured
For I have no fear
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I live in the mighty sea.
I have many names.
Im a planet farthest from the sun (not Pluto).
I am one of the Olympian gods.
I am Greek.
I am married to Amphitrite.

Who am I?
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